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Antibiotic Prescribing Formulary

Antimicrobial-Formulary V1.1 July 2022

Good prescribing Guidelines

Guidelines for Good Prescribing in Primary Care ( (EXTERNAL PDF LINK)


Adults: Asthma Treatment Guideline for Adults (



copd-pathway-version-19-final-1.pdf (

Emollient Guide



NG136 Visual summary (


Type 1 Overview | Type 1 diabetes in adults: diagnosis and management | Guidance | NICE

Type 2 NG28 Visual summary on choosing medicines for type 2 diabetes in adults (

CKD classification

Recommendations | Chronic kidney disease: assessment and management | Guidance | NICE

Atrial Fibrillation – stroke prevention

clinical-pathway-for-people-with-atrial-fibrillation-or-at-risk-of-atrial-fibrillation.pdf (

Stable Angina

CHRONIC-STABLE-ANGINA-treatment-guidance-May-2017.pdf ( (EXTERNAL PDF LINK)

Smoking cessation

Stop Smoking Blackpool | Public Health Blackpool Council (

Contraception Prescribing

fsrh-ukmec-summary-september-2019 (1).pdf (EXTERNAL PDF LINK)

HRT guidelines

Primary Care Management of Menopause (

Prescribing-HRT.pdf (

HRT-Equivalent-preparations-7th-January-22.pdf (

Antibiotic Formulary

Antibiotic Formulary

Switching antidepressants

SwitchAntidepressants – Psychiatrienet

Oral nutritional Supplements – Food first

Poor Appetite – Food First and Homemade Nourishing Drinks | Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (

Specialist Baby Milks

prescribing-guidelines-for-specialist-infant-formula-feeds-v31-final-for-website.pdf ( (EXTERNAL PDF LINK)

Vitamin D deficiency

Adults ros-vitamin-d-quick-guide-november-2018.pdf (

Children ros-vitamin-d-and-bone-health-in-children-november-2018.pdf (

Woundcare Formulary

Wound Care Formulary V4 April 21 PDF


PowerPoint Presentation ( (EXTERNAL LINK)


gout-prescribing-guidance-version-13.pdf (


PowerPoint Presentation ( (EXTERNAL PDF LINK)

Osteoporosis -Bisphosphonate review

Biphosphonate treatment break ( (EXTERNAL PDF LINK)

Recurrent UTI

PowerPoint Presentation ( (EXTERNAL PDF LINK)

Restless Legs Syndrome

restless-legs-syndrome-guidelines-v11.pdf ( (EXTERNAL PDF LINK).

Palliative Care

20211124-lsc-palliative-care-clinical-practice-summary-2nd-edition.pdf (

Drugs in Pregnancy or overdose

TOXBASE – poisons information database for clinical toxicology advice

bumps – best use of medicine in pregnancy (

Lipid Management

Lipid Management Pathway for Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) v1.1 (

Lipid Management Pathway for Secondary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) V1.1 (

LDL Calculated (

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